Marco Maatman MSc.

General info

Marco Maatman (1981) got a master’s degree on a study about e-HRM (employee self service and management self-service). For his master thesis on the subject, he was granted a thesis award by the University of Twente. After his master Business Administration (track HRM), Marco became a functional SAP Human Capital Management (HCM) consultant at Atos Origin Netherlands. In his work, Marco focuses on the end-to-end automatingof HRM processes by applying e-HRM. In this context, Marco was confronted (March 2007) with the implementation of a Shared Service Center (SSC) HRM, P-Direkt located in Den Haag the Netherlands, serving several Dutch Ministries. In the following years Marco was involved in the “building” phase, upto and including the “roll-out” phase of P-Direkt.

Research interests

Enforced by being confronted with the practical implications of applying a SSC for the delivery of HRM and the use of e-HRM to support the delivery, Marco felt the need for scientific research into the matter. In the beginning of 2008, Marco got this opportunity as he was asked to conduct a case study research at another large SSC HRM, DC HR of the Ministry of Defense located in Enschede the Netherlands. He now combines his work as a SAP HCM consultant with his research into SSC HRM as a PhD candidate. In his research, Marco attempts to study the value created for the customers of, and through the capabilities (operational and dynamic) of, the Shared Service Center.

Marco Maatman M.Sc. has a wide interest in sourcing solutions in the field of HRM and the application of technology to support these sourcing solutions.