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Professor of Human Resource Management
Room: RA-2337

General information

Prof.dr. Jan Kees Looise (1949) holds a master degree in organizational sociology from the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam (1973) and a doctoral degree from the University of Twente (1989). From 1973-1982 he worked as a researcher at the scientific institute of the Dutch trade unions and as a policy advisor with the trade unions confederation CNV. From 1982 till now he works as (associate) professor at the University of Twente.

Research interests

Looises research interests are in the field of ‘social innovation’: deliberate changes in employment relations systems at national and regional level and human resource management systems within organizations and their effects on performance, especially the innovation capacity (see inaugural speech, 1996).

Since 2007 he is the leader of the programme Competences for Innovation. In this project several colleagues from OOHR and NIKOS (including 3 PhD-students) cooperate with a group of industrial SME’s in the Eastern part of the Netherlands to research and develop new ways to enlarge their innovation capacity. Within this programme he has the primary responsibility (together with Martijn van Velzen) for the PhD-project Employee competences for innovation.

Besides that Looise is involved in the following (PhD)projects:

  • Transformation of the HR-function (with Tanya Bondarouk and 2 PhD-students)
  • HRM and entrepreneurship (with Maarten van Riemsdijk and 2 PhD-students),
  • The changing role of line managers in HRM (with Maarten van Riemsdijk and a PhD student),
  • Task redesign in the medical sector (with Jan de Leede and a PhD-student)
  • The performance effect of works councils (with Andre Nijhof and a PhD-student),
  • Employability in the ICT (with Beate van der Heijden and a PhD-student)

Memberships, editorial (advisory) boards, etc.

Since the start in 1997 Looise is a member of the board of the Dutch HRM Network. He is also a member of the editorial board of Tijdschrift voor HRM (Dutch HRM Journal) and of the editorial advisory boards of Employee Relations, Management Revue and Creativity and Innovation Management

Teaching activities

Looise is the coordinator of the HRM-master track within the MSc-programme Business Administration.

He teaches the following courses:

  • Human Resource Management (bachelor)
  • Human Resource Management and organizational Development (master)
  • HRM, Innovation and Entrepreneurship (master)
  • Master Class HRM (master)

He is also involved in the PhD-course of the Dutch HRM Network


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