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Gregory Jemine


Gregory is a PhD student in Social and Political Sciences at the University of Liège (ULg), in Belgium. He has completed a Master of Human Resource Management (hons) in 2015, co-organized between the Faculty of Social Sciences and the Faculty of Management of the University of Liège. Early 2016, he received a 4-years research grant for a PhD project aiming at studying New Ways of Working (NWoW) in a longitudinal perspective. Gregory is working under the joint supervision of Dr. Christophe Dubois, senior lecturer in organizational sociology, and Prof. François Pichault, director of a research laboratory on new technologies and innovation. His thesis consists in a longitudinal follow-up of NWoW projects in large companies in the insurance and the media sector respectively, from the conception and implementation to the concrete impacts and stabilization processes. In order to develop a better understanding of the long-term effects of NWoW, he is currently on a research stay at the HRM department of the University of Twente.


  • Modernization/NWoW projects
  • Organizational sociology
  • Digitalization processes