Invited speakers


Dr. Emma Parry is a Professor of Human Resource Management at Cranfield School of Management, UK. She manages “Cranet” a worldwide network of over 40 business schools that conducts comparative research into HRM. Her research focuses on the impact of the changing context on talent management and HRM, specifically the impact of technological advancement, national context and the impact of changing demographics on managing people.

Social Media - A Vehicle for Employee Voice and Engagement?

Drawing on variety of case study organisations, Emma will discuss the factors that might affect the successful use of social media within organisations for improving employee voice and engagement. She presents evidence to challenge the popular rhetoric that social media can improve employee dialogue and thus create a positive and participative organizational climate.


Claire A. Simmers, Ph.D., is a Professor emeritus in the management department at Saint Joseph’s University (SJU) in Philadelphia, USA. She has research experience in public and private sectors and publishes in the area of sociotechnical interfaces in the Internet-connected workplace, including the impact of technology and the generational mix in the workplace, human capital contributions to competitive advantage, and sustainability.

The Internet of People, Things and Services (IoPTS) Workplace: One e-HRM Fits All or Does It?

The ICT evolution desktops-laptops-smart objects offers us the opportunity to ask how the IoPTS will transform our workplaces and HRM. And more intriguing - with five generations in the workplace, how might IoPTS HRM functions (either performed by HRM professionals or line managers) vary through the lens of a traditionalist, a baby boomer, a Gen X, or a Millennial? How do we prepare for the entrance of Gen Z into the IoPTS workplace?


Anna Sperotto is an Assistant Professor at the DACS group, University of Twente, Netherlands. She conducts research on the topic of network monitoring and network security. She obtained her Ph.D. from the University of Twente in 2010 with a thesis on the topic of flow-based intrusion detection. Her research interests include network monitoring, network security and intrusion detection, with a focus on emerging security threats as Denial of Service Attack.

Internet Security: Do We Care for HRM

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks on the Internet remained relatively rare till 2010. Until then, attacks were performed and noticed by a group of specialists. Lately, as a reaction on attempts by governments and financial organisations to isolate Wikileaks, everything changed. Suddenly the public witnessed many DDoS attacks on creditcard companies and banks. Several targets went offline for longer periods justifying technical success of attacks. It triggered a new phase of DDoS attacks, facilitated by a quickly developed commercial infrastructure (Booters, DDoS as a Service). Now it seems we are better prepared to survive such attacks. But – why do we care for HRM?



Jan Brouwer is the Senior Vice President Capgemini Digital HR Transformation. He is the strategic business and HR advisor for large global companies, and the transformational agent with extensive Human Resources and Organization Development experience leading enterprise-wide transformation initiatives in diverse industries Jan has been working with and implementing digital HR tooling supporting the HR Transformations.

It’s Not All About Digital - Latest Digitization Developments in the Business World

The Results of the Research Project into Digital HRM and Performance and Latest Digitization Developments in the Business World give us valuable insights about the state-of-the-arts of digital HRM in the business world. Jan will explain why it’s not all about digital and present Capgemini Consulting’s vision on maturity of HRM. HRM has travelled a long road and has transformed itself into digital. Where do we come from and what have we learned along the way? What are the future trends, challenges and paradoxes?