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Vakgroep Human Resource Management


Prof.dr. T. (Tanya) Bondarouk

Areas of expertise

  • E-HRM implementations & Human Resource Information Systems
  • Innovating the HRM function
  • HRM frames
  • Global Talent Management
  • Research methodology, qualitative research & discourse (text) analysis

academic staff

Dr. A.C. (Anna Christina) Bos-Nehles

Areas of expertise

  • HRM implementation effectiveness
  • The role of line managers in HRM
  • Innovative HRM and employee behavior
  • HRM perceptions

Emeritus Prof.dr. J.C. (Jan Kees) Looise

Areas of expertise

  • Deliberate changes in employment relations systems at national & regional level
  • HRM systems and their effects on performance, especially the innovation capacity

Dr. J.G. (Jeroen) Meijerink, MSc

Areas of expertise

  • HRM shared services
  • Employee agency in employee-organization relationships
  • Co-creation of HRM by employees
  • Service-dominant logic J. (Jan) de Leede

Areas of expertise

  • Job & organization design
  • Labour flexibility & working times
  • HRM & New Ways of Working
  • Team-based work

Dr. Llewellyn E. (Lew) van Zyl
Areas of expertise

  • (Online) Positive Psychological Interventions
  • Coaching Psychology
  • People Development
  • Employee Well-being and Wellness

visiting staff

Neil Semuel Rupidara

Areas of expertise

  • HR systems in multinational companies
  • Diffusion & adoption of managerial models and practices, particularly in HRM
  • Institutional aspects in industrial relations & HRM
  • History & development of professions, particularly HR/IR professionalization
  • Intellectual capital & organizational performance
  • Organizational change & leadership

Dr. J. (Jordi) Trúllen
Areas of expertise

  • Implementation of HR practices
  • Employees’ attitudes towards HR practices
  • Comparative and international HRM
  • Management of older workers
  • Workplace authenticity

external affiliated academic staff

Dr. S.R.H. (Sjoerd) van den Heuvel

Areas of expertise

  • HR analytics
  • HR & technology
  • HR & organizational change

Prof.dr. S. (Silvia) Profili
Areas of expertise

  • Impact of HRM practices on employee performance
  • Employees’ engagement and commitment at work
  • Organizational implications of age diversity and aging
  • Health care management H.J.M. (Huub) Ruël

Areas of expertise

  • Competences for commercial diplomacy & international business
  • Competences for international business diplomacy & multi-stakeholder management
  • Competences for international entrepreneurship in fragile states

Prof.dr. A. (Alessia) Sammarra
Areas of expertise

  • HRM impact on employee work behaviour and performance
  • Organizational implications of age diversity and aging
  • Organizational identification
  • Innovation networks

phd students

L.D. (Luuk) Collou

Areas of expertise

  • HRM configurations
  • HRM & serious gaming

M.M.P. (Milou) Habraken

Areas of expertise

  • Smart Industry
  • HRM & innovation

Sri Herawati

Areas of expertise

  • Electronic Human Resource Management
  • Information Management and Systems

M. (Milana) Korotka MSc

Areas of expertise

  • HRM configurations & innovative performance
  • Global Talent Management & technologies
  • Employee-driven innovation
  • HRM, technologies & innovation

M. (Marco) Maatman, MSc

Areas of expertise

J. (Jorrit) van Mierlo MSc

Areas of expertise

  • Innovation
  • Organizational Design
  • HRM innovations

M. (Maarten) Renkema MSc

Areas of expertise

  • Innovation & technology management
  • HRM & innovation
  • Innovative/entrepreneurial employee behavior

support staff