The HRM chair contributes prominently to the educational programs of the University of Twente, by developing and teaching excellent courses and programs in the field of Human Resource studies.

The department is responsible for provision of the HRM general and specific educational units. We recognize that a number of approaches to teach HRM exist. To offer a clear advantage, we approach HRM from a perspective that combines contextual and emerging HRM challenges and helps students understand the dynamic and exciting environment of HRM, and the complex decision making process that all managers are engaged with when managing employees.

We also recognize that a university is not the only knowledge source for prospective and current students, and that boundaries of disciplines become blurred. We see, therefore, a new role in our educational responsibilities as to create fluid connection between science and practice. We see a new target student – who is able to translate new HRM solutions to people, business and society.

Located within the technical university, the HRM bachelor and master educational units (modules and courses) are featured as multidisciplinary, research-minded, science-inspired, creativity focused and international.