The Section – a part of the Business Administration group at the University of Twente – has a small but cohesive team of international academics committed to deliver high quality cross-disciplinary education and research. The section had its origin many years ago when staff from diverse backgrounds joined together to enhance our knowledge and understanding on how individuals, organizations and markets interact with an environment of changing technologies. Our goal is to contribute towards a learning platform for business, science and engineering students and professionals that allows entrepreneurial activities and innovative practices to benefit from cutting-edge knowledge on financial management.

We view the domain of Corporate Finance as one that combines scientific theories, tools and techniques in its analysis and application by taking insights from many different disciplines. These disciplines highlight the central role occupied by finance in diverse organizations (small and large, start-ups and established firms, manufacturing and service firms, financial institutions, regional, national and international entities) and the responsibility for us to adequately prepare our students for successful career paths and to actively contribute to academic research.

We believe that in today’s increasingly complex and globalized world, we can help students who:

Our objective is also to engage in nationally and internationally acclaimed scientific and applied research that is of relevance to science and society. By studying a variety of subjects in tandem with the latest developments in the financial world and carrying out training & development activities that are of particular importance to finance professionals, entrepreneurs and policymakers, we also aim to promote enduring relationship and networking opportunity among academics, alumni and the external community.