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Cheng Meng

PhD student
+31 53 489 5931


Cheng Meng is a PhD candidate in the Department of Finance and Accounting (BMS). He holds a bachelor and a master degree of finance. His research interest mainly concentrates on the managerial characteristics and financial risk management. Also, he is interested in other risk management relevant topics, including not limited in managerial compensation, hedging strategies, and leadership.


  • Bachelor – Beijing University of Technology, 2011-2015, Finance
  • Master – Shanghai Normal University, 2016-2018, Finance
  • Current Doctoral Program – University of Twente, 2018-now, Financial Risk Management

Internship Experience

  • Department of Balance of Payments, People’s Bank of China (Central Branch of Guangxi Province), 2014-2015
  • Department of Capital and Financial Account Management, People’s Bank of China (Central Branch of Guangxi Province), 2015-2016

Research Interest

  • Corporate Risk Management;
  • Managerial Characteristics; 
  • Time-series Analysis; 
  • Financial Modeling; 
  • Investment and Hedging; 

Current Research Project

  • The impact of managerial characteristics on financial risk management