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Information Evening: Menopause & Pelvic Floor

Information evening on Menopause and the Pelvic Floor: Informative & Breaking Taboos

On Friday evening, June 21, the Technical Medical Center of the University of Twente, in collaboration with the Municipality of Enschede and FYON Glanerbrug, is organizing a special evening about menopause and the pelvic floor.

Hot flashes, not feeling like yourself, gaining weight, sleep problems, and lack of interest in sex: menopause can be a challenging period. It is estimated that 1.8 million women in the Netherlands are currently going through menopause. Of these women, 80% report experiencing menopausal symptoms at some point. Yet, despite the availability of extensive knowledge and the potential health benefits of treatment, more than half of those experiencing menopause have never sought help for their symptoms. Many menopausal issues remain unspoken and untreated. This needs to change.

To bring more attention to the menopausal period, everything related to menopause and the pelvic floor will be discussed on the evening of June 21. Visitors will learn more about menopause, its effects on the pelvic floor, tips for dealing with menopause at work, menopausal symptoms, and what can be done about these symptoms.

There will be presentations by a menopause nurse consultant, a researcher from the University of Twente, a pelvic physiotherapist, a gynecologist and a hormone specialist. Additionally, there will be a market with organizations focusing on women's health, such as Vuurvrouw, OVER!academie, Bekkenbodem4all and Care for Women. You will have the opportunity to get an answer to all your questions about women's health, such as: why we go through menopause, what happens in a woman's body and brain during menopause? What changes can occur in the pelvic organs and pelvic floor? And most importantly, what can be done about it?

What to expect?
  • Presentations on menopause, pelvic floor and hormones
  • Praktical tips and do's / don'ts to start with yourself
  • A market with stalls on women's health
  • To get an answer to all your questions regarding women specific health needs 
  • A fun evening with the opportunity to talk with others about menopause and own experiences
  • Drinks, snacks and a look inside the Technical Medical Centre of the University of Twente
When & Where

Program & Registration

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Program & registration (in Dutch)
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Do you have a question about this event? Please contact Nikki van de Veerdonk via n.a.vandeveerdonk@utwente.nl