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BDSi Data Science Week A week of Data Science workshops, seminars and competition

 You will compete with other teams of behavioural data scientists to solve a real data science case. BDSi staff will organise several seminars and workshops throughout the week to introduce the various steps involved in data science, and coaches will be available to guide you when you run into problems.

The goal of the Data Science week is to introduce interested students and staff to data science in a fun and cooperative way, and help create a community of data scientists at BMS. After one week, the best teams will be asked to present their solutions, and the winners will be presented with a suitable prize.

Who can join?

Everyone related to the faculty of Behavioural and Management Sciences and their friends and family can join (although at least one member of your team needs to have a University of Twente account in order to sign up). You can join with friends, colleagues or even family. The event is open to both novices and experts, and everyone in between. Three (virtual) lunch workshops will introduce the main steps in all data science projects. You can join as a team, or alone. If you do join alone you can choose to be assigned to a team with other data science enthusiasts.

Data Science Workshops

During the event, BDSi will provide a series of short (virtual) lunch workshops on the main steps in any data science project; data wrangling, model building and visualization. You can join these as part of the Data Science week, or just sign up to an individual workshop through the Data Science week website.

Sign up now!

You can sign up through the Data Science week website, where you will also find more information.