Data teams in Sweden

In Sweden there is a lot of interest in the data team® procedure.

At the moment, 13 teams Swedish teams are working according to the data team procedure. These teams are working on solving educational problems in the cognitive domain (e.g., low student achievement). Some of the teams are working on problems in the social domain (e.g., safety in school, classroom climate). There are a lot of similarities between the Dutch and Swedish data teams. The teams in both countries have dispelled several myths based on data. Also, the teams have been able to implement action plans based on data to improve the quality of education.

Because of the interest in data teams, a Swedish publisher, Studentlitteratur, has published a Swedish version of the data team book: Datagrundad skolförbättring. Utifrån datateam® metoden. At the Nordic conference, Kim Schildkamp and Maaike Smit received one of the first copies of the book. Kim also gave a keynote to approximately 1500 Scandinavian school leaders on the first research results in Sweden.