Cindy Poortman

Dr. Cindy Poortman – Assistant Professor

I completed my Ph. D. on traineeships in MBO (Intermediate Vocational Education) and I have worked together with teachers and staff who work in vocational education and training ever since. Our collaboration focuses on communication between school and trainee posts and designing and guiding the learning practices of the students. Over the years, I have learned that there is a need for data-based decision making in different fields of education. That is why I have started to focus on an outcome-oriented and cost-efficient approach to education. This is also one of the reasons why I became interested in data-based decision making in teams using the datateam® procedure and why I would like to contribute to this study. Within the scope of this project, I focus on studying the effects of teams on school improvement.

This project appeals to me, because data-based decision making by using the datateam® procedure offers opportunities to put the data available at schools to better use, in order to make decisions and to improve education. As a researcher, I am most interested in finding scientific proof for the effects of this method and further developing it for research as well as for day-to-day practice.

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