EHealth University of Twente

Finalized Projects:

  1. Real time telemonitoring of physiological processes and self-reported craving to reduce relapse rates in alcohol addiction
  2. Aanpak delier in de keten met naasten (Approaching delirium with special focus on informal caregivers)
  3. Positieve psychologie en zelfmanagement van chronisch lichamelijke aandoeningen: een kennissynthese (Positive psychology and self-management ni chronic somatic diseases)
  4. Raise your strengths: stepped care model for self-management of chronic diseases for general practitioners
  5. Positive psychology in the nursing home: well-being of nursing staff and residents
  6. Measuring digital health literacy: development and validation of the digital health literacy instrument (DHLI)
  7. Shared Decision-Making in rheumatology: What matters to patients?
  8. Hold on, for each other: supporting partners of cancer patients via eHealth and positive psychology
  9. Patient portal with home access to electronic medicine record (EMR) for patients with rheumatoid arthritis
  10. Innovative measurement of fatigue: The CAT fatigue RA
  11. A core set of patient centered outcomes for patients with inflammatory arthritis: Ichom standard set for inflammatory arthritis