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Mini-Many labs

Mini-Many labs is a collaborative initiative between Tilburg University, University of Groningen, KU Leuven, and University of Twente, where faculty members are coming together to exchange bachelor thesis topics related to daily life research.

In ths initiative, teachers from these universities are sharing the thesis topics they plan to assign to their students. By doing so, they aim to explore a broader range of research possibilities and facilitate effective project management. Through this collaborative effort, faculty members can adjust and align their proposed topics as well as the used methodology to enhance the overall research experience for students and to create unified sets of data.

The project aims to foster interdisciplinary collaboration and encourage the exploration of new perspectives and methodologies. By pooling resources and expertise, we aim to advance our understanding of daily life phenomena and provide students with valuable research opportunities.

Does this sound like something you could benefit from? Join us in this journey of exploration and collaboration as we work together to further the field of daily life research. For more information contact Thomas Vaessen at t.r.vaessen@utwente.nl.