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Daily Life Twente (DLT) Research Lab

Human life is a complex and ever-changing process, filled with various emotions and experiences. Traditionally, psychology has tried to understand this by studying stable traits in controlled environments like labs or given long questionnaires just once. However, recent approaches focus on observing people's changing states in their everyday lives. This helps in understanding individual changes over time, leading to new theories and tailored interventions.

The Daily Life Twente (DLT) research lab at the University of Twente specializes in daily life research, particularly in mental and physical health. Being part of a technical university, the lab emphasizes using and developing technological tools for both research and creating interventions. The DLT lab collaborates with other university departments for technology and data science.

The DLT lab focuses on three main areas:

  1. Developing ambulatory assessment methods
  2. Studying psychological processes in daily life
  3. Creating personalized treatments and interventions
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