Ridwan Saptoto M.A.

PhD student
+31 (0)53 489 8502


My PhD research focus is expanding the understanding of leader and member communication exchange dynamics in the work setting. There are many leadership style theories, however, very little understanding is known about communication between leader and follower. I believe that communication is the way leader inspiring and motivating employees, regardless leadership style used by the leader because communication is the core of human relationship. This trigger me to conduct a research on leader communication and its’ impact to the attitudes, emotional condition, and behavior of the subordinates. I study not only positive communication impact of leader to the employees, but also negative communication impact to them because I want to know the strength impact difference between positive and negative communication exchange. In further research, I want to know how subordinates cope negative communication exchange and how team influences the personal resources of member receiving negative communication exchange.        


  • Organizational Behaviour
  • Leadership
  • Communication Exchange 
  • Emotional Intelligence 
  • Coping 


    • HIMPSI (Indonesian Psychological Association)
    • APIO (Indonesian Industrial and Organizational Psychology Association)
    • API (Indonesian Islamic Psychology Association)


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