Nissa Syifa Puspani

PhD student
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My current PhD research topic is focusing on the relationship between leadership behaviour with lean and green adoption in Indonesian transportation and logistics companies. The inspiration to do the research topic came after I read several publications written by Prof. Celeste Wilderom and Dr. Desiree van Dun on leadership behaviour. Their writings opened my vision to integrate the leadership behaviour topic with lean thinking subject that I previously studied. 

When I was obtaining my master degree, I was particularly doing research on the adoption of lean thinking to improve logistics activities. During this period, I involved in several activities that supporting my knowledge related to. I hold a master degree in Industrial Engineering from Parahyangan University, Indonesia and did her bachelor degree in Industrial Engineering from Widyatama University, Indonesia. In the professional context,  I am a faculty member in the Industrial Engineering department at Widyatama University and a strategic advisor for Widyatama Foundation.

Research Interest

  • Lean Supply Chain Management
  • Lean Leadership
  • Leadership Behaviour
  • Organizational Culture
  • Change Management
  • Lean and Green Logistics




Publication Title


Publications / Conferences


Lean Business Process for Better Environmental Performance: A Case Study of ERP System Adoption

Nissa Syifa Puspani, Arry Hutomo, and Iqbal Yulizar Mukti

Published at Journal of Advanced Management Science, Vol. 6, No. 1, 2018. 

Presented at the 2ndInternational Conference on Energy and Environmental Science, 2018, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.


Role of Market: How Knowledge Acquisition Impact on Investment Recovery and Reverse Logistics Towards Sustainability Performance

Nissa Syifa Puspani, Arry Hutomo, Obsatar Sinaga

Proceedings The 3rdInternational Conference on Management, Economics and Business of Universitas Mercu Buana, 2018


Value Stream Mapping Identification in Improving Service Time of Logistics Activities in Poslog Distribution Center

Nissa Syifa Puspani, Chatarina B Nawangpalupi, Budhi Setyawan

Proceedings of Nasional Seminar in Industrial Engineering Conference (IDEC), 2016


Supply Chain Performance Identification at PT Pos Logistik Indonesia, Case Study in Poslog Distribution Center Tambun

Nissa Syifa Puspani, Chatarina B Nawangpalupi, Budhi Setyawan

Proceedings National Seminar TEKNOIN, 2014

 Profesional Services

  • Faculty members of Widyatama University, Indonesia.
  • Strategic advisor of Widyatama Foundation, Indonesia.


  • Indonesian Supply Chain and Logistics Institute (ISLI)
  • Supply Chain Indonesia (SCI)