Adam Khalaf, M.A.

PhD student

Office address
Fachhochschule Münster
Fachbereich 10
Hüfferstraße 27
48149 Münster

+49 0251 83 65825


Started living in 1981, got excited by science in primary school, obtained a university degree of Magister in Sociology, Philosophy and Political Science in 2007. Currently trying to advance it to a PhD at the University of Twente and meanwhile working, researching and teaching joyfully about more or less anything I can get my hands on.


  • Teacher and researcher at the University of Applied Sciences in Münster, Faculty of Social Work
  • Working at a project for the Province of NRW to integrate all the different organisations that help people who care for their elderly family members into a coherent service structure.


  • Epistemology (more of a general philosophical interest)
  • Organisational Management and Behaviour
  • Statistics
  • Methods of Evaluation
  • Effective Leadership
  • Migration and Cultural Integration

Current Research Projects

  • My PhD dissertation in which I try to find out what digitalization does to SME and how it can be used advantageously.
  • Three different smaller projects that try to find out about questions of cultural integration.
  • A practical project in which we design a self-learning and blended-learning online tool for students to learn about how to do a small study (e.g. BA or MA-thesis), including statistical knowledge. Evaluating this thoroughly we try to find out, what kind of E-Learning methods work best for our students.

Current Teaching

  • Organization and Management
  • Evaluation in context of Social Work
  • Introduction course for Scientific Methods


Joachim Merchel, Hildegard Pamme, Adam Khalaf (2012): Personalmanagement im Allgemeinen Sozialen Dienst. standortbestimmung und Perspektiven für Leitung . 1 . Weinheim und Basel : Beltz Juventa. ISBN 978-3-7799-2839-3.

Adam Khalaf (2012): Personalbemessung. - In: Joachim Merchel (Hrsg.): Handbuch ASD. München : Reinhardt.

Hildegard Pamme, Joachim Merchel, Adam Khalaf (2012): Fachkräfte im ASD: Eine „pflegebedürftige“ Ressource. ZKJ, Heft 7, S. 251

Adam Khalaf (2011): Pen&Paper versus PDF. Vor- und Nachteile elektronischer Formulare im Praxistest. Soziologie Heute, Heft 15 2011, S. 36-37.

Adam Khalaf, Joachim Merchel, Hildegard Pamme (2012). Starke Leitung - Starke Mitarbeiter. Überlastungsschutz im ASD als Leitungsaufgabe?! NDV, Heft 7 2012, S. 356-359.

Management Positions

2015-2018 CEO of a small company