The CMOB research group is open to explore with you how we can cooperate in providing deep-level learning within your organization through our research projects. Our areas of expertise lie especially in video-based observation of both meeting and non-meeting team settings, action research and surveys with stakeholders at diverse organizational levels, including top managers, senior management, unit managers, team leaders, employees, internal consultants and coaches. Our way of working enables people’s learning-on-the-job through video-based reporting and, if needed, coaching of the participants.

We have the experience, time, ambition and project management skills to operate complex, innovative and practice-oriented research programs. Out network consists of a broad range of specialists who can contribute to grow local change leaders within your organization.

Our partners include:

  • Grolsch Brewery
  • Province of Overijssel
  • Dutch Tax Authority
  • SeederDeBoer, who also grant the Annual ‘SeederDeBoer Prize’ for the best BSc-Thesis in Business Administration at the University of Twente
  • House of Performance

If you are interested to collaborate, please contact Prof.dr. Celeste Wilderom or Dr. Desirée van Dun.