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Development & Consultancy Projects

CHEPS advises ministries and institutions on a wide range of higher education issues from specific questions such as accreditation systems, student financial support programmes, efficient funding mechanisms and organisational restructuring to such far ranging challenges as the reform of entire higher education systems.

Three of our major consultancy fields are:

  • National reviews of higher education systems. Senior CHEPS staff members have served on international peer review panels for OECD, European Commission and World Bank reviews of higher education in the Czech Republic, Kosovo, Latvia, New Zealand, Poland and Portugal.
  • Projects concerned with enhancing organisational effectiveness and in developing management capacity. These have involved working closely with institutional top management, extensive training programmes for middle managers, organisational restructuring, and specialist support in key areas such as strategic planning, financial management and human resource development. Projects have been undertaken in many countries including Croatia, Ethiopia, Lithuania, Mozambique, Portugal, Russia, South Africa, Sweden, Uganda and Yemen.
  • Projects in the field of quality assurance and enhancement. Projects have included the development of quality review procedures for the Association of European Universities, the Dutch higher professional education sector, Flemish universities as well as in Polish, Romanian, Slovakian and Vietnamese universities. We supported capacity development projects for ministries and national agencies in Mozambique, Vietnam and in multiple countries in Central & Eastern Europe. We have participated in the evaluation of quality assessment systems in Hong Kong and Russia.