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Development and Consultancy overview

CHEPS is a research institute, but has had a significant involvement in development and consultancy activities since its establishment in 1984. This has been driven both by our own perspective on the role of CHEPS – a centre of excellence and relevance - and by a clear demand for such projects within the higher education community.

At CHEPS we are committed to the wide dissemination of our research findings, and to contributing to the practical resolution of key challenges and problems in higher education. This means that in addition to our frequent contributions to the professional literature and to international conferences, we regularly organise workshops and seminars and undertake specific development and consultancy projects.

Within the higher education community there has been a growing interest in the potential applicability of our research-generated insights to the challenges experienced by ministries and institutional management in running modern higher education organisations. This has resulted in development and consultancy activities at CHEPS having a wide scope - both in terms of their focus, and in terms of their geographical location.