World Bank Reimbursable Advisory Service on Academic Careers and Doctoral Education in Higher Education in Latvia 

This assignment is directed at producing an advisory report on the further development of academic careers and doctoral education in Europe. Based on an inventory of how selected governments and HEIs in Europe and beyond shape key aspects of the career trajectories and employment conditions of academics, a set of normative criteria for good system- and institution-level human resource (HR) policies is developed. The key focal areas are 1) doctoral training and the postdoctoral phase, 2) the selection and promotion of academics, and 3) their remuneration. Those criteria are developed to serve as the normative basis for an analysis of the status quo in Latvian higher education and its institutions. Building on the criteria and the status quo analysis, the project envisages to provide recommendations on how to improve system- and institution-level HR policies in Latvia – to be published in spring 2018.

Contact person for World Bank projects in Latvia at CHEPS is Hans Vossensteyn.