For the latest updates and information please check the blackboard site "Bachelor Thesis IBA/BK (2013-JAAR)"


Upon finalizing the Bachelor Thesis course you are expected to show proficiency in:


As a result of finalizing the Bachelor Thesis course you are expected to deliver:

In this format, you do not hold a bachelor thesis colloquium. Instead, you present your thesis at a student conference that is the final stage of the course.


Business Administration research groups place Calls for (Bachelor Thesis) Proposals within specific topics. These topics are subject to annual changes, depending on the status of running research projects within the groups. Be advised to monitor these Calls at the Blackboard site from the beginning of the 3rd quartile. Minor deviation from the Call for Proposals is subject to discussion with advisors.


You will receive guidance from two UT-M&G (MB) faculty members whose responsibility is to give you academic advice in writing a good Thesis paper.

The 1st supervisor (also known as the lead supervisor) is an expert in the field from the Call for Proposals. The 2nd supervisor is invited as a "reading committee member" to monitor and help, if needed, in the progress of the thesis.

When working on an Thesis project in an external organization, it is essential that you have a contact at the organization, who acts as an external supervisor. This external supervisor must have sufficient knowledge and experience to supervise the BSc student in the Thesis project. Although the supervisor is involved in the Thesis project's successful execution, the UT supervisors are responsible for grading your Bachelor Thesis, in accordance to the BA BSc programme learning goals and related criteria.


The final Thesis article will only be accepted for the Students' Conference with a mark of 5 or higher; in case the mark is 5, you must revise. Supervisors will use assessment matrix to evaluate the final version of the thesis. You must earn at least a 6 for the Bachelor Thesis Course. This is an individual assessment.