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Final Semester

The Final Semester is the graduation semester of the Business & IT curriculum. the final semester consists out of two modules: BIT INC. which focuses on design (ontwerpen) and the team aspects of organisation (organiseren) of the three roles; and the Research Project which focuses on research (onderzoeken) and individual aspects of organising (organiseren) of the three roles.


Two registrations are mandatory:

1) The first registration concerns a webform for both modules in the final semester, which are BIT INC and Research Project. Be aware that the registration deadlines for these modules may be separated in time according to the deadlines mentioned below. It is not possible to register for these modules via Osiris.

2) The second registration concerns only the Research Project for which you need to follow a procedure on Mobility Online.

After the deadline the Bureau of Educational Affairs (BOZ) will check if the registered students fulfill the entrance requirements. Students who do or have received an exemption from the examination board will be registered in Osiris by the BOZ officer and given access to the Canvas course.


BIT INC - Q3 2018-2019 (deadline 20 January 2019)
Research Project - Q4 2018-2019 (deadline 7 April 2019)
BIT INC - Q1 2019-2020 (deadline 17 August 2019)
Research Project - Q2 2019-2020 (deadline 25 October 2019)