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About Business Information Technology

During this Bachelor's course, you will learn how to programme, but you will not end up as a programmer. You will know what challenges the manager of a purchasing division faces, without wanting to be a purchasing manager yourself. Above all, you will be a bridge builder. You will know how to solve automation problems in large companies and how best to implement processes. You will be skilled in connecting the dots, as you will speak the languages of IT professionals and managers alike. In order to put forward smart solutions tailored to the specific needs of that one organization, you will have to be at home in many different markets, which means being able to successfully collaborate with people representing other disciplines.

  • Associations

    A study association is an association that focuses on the students of a particular programme. It supports its members in their studies and provides a number of services that make student life that much more pleasant. Complaints and problems can be discussed with the association.  

    Study association Inter-Actief

    • Inter-Actief is the study association both for the Computer Science and the BIT programme.
  • Departments

    The departments involved in the bachelor’s programme of Business Information Technology and its affiliated master’s programmes are:

    • Industrial Engineering and Business Information Systems (IEBIES)
    • Services, Cybersecurity and Safety (SCS)