The Team

Because of our origins as a construction committee, we strive to be a continuous team which consists of a diversity of students, which means that we have students from different study years. In this way the knowledge is past on and progress can be made each year, instead of reinventing the wheel. The current members of the team are:

Daan Kampherbeek


Anne Hofman

Treasurer & Mold Development

Luc Scholten

External Affairs

Ivo Bruijl

Public Relations & Spokesperson

Kai Hermann

Chief of Concrete

Magnus Mulder

Chief of Concrete

Nick van Nijen

Chief of Concrete

Bram Denkers

Chief of Concrete

Irma van Rozendaal

Mold Development

Welmoed Spanjer

Event Manager

Jeroen Scholten

Chief of Training

Anouk van Daatselaar

General Member

Marit Lambers

General Member

Jop Keja

General Member

Renier Timmermans

General Member