Electrical Engineering is the study and application of Electricity, Electronics and Electromagnetism. The subfields covered are Analogue and Digital Electronics, Computer Engineering, Measurement and Control Engineering and Communications Engineering. In addition, the degree programme includes the requisite basic knowledge of Mathematics and Physics.

The goal of the program EE is to train students in the field of electrical engineering on an academic level meaning sufficient abstract thinking level and being able to think independently. Want to challenge students to have an inquisitive mind, think independently and show initiative. Our graduates should be able to justify generalisations and create solutions for research and design problems.

The Program Intended Learning Outcomes are:

1. Domain knowledge & skills

The student understands and can apply basic theoretical concepts, important methods and techniques in the fields listed below and has skills to reflect on, increase and develop these through study:

2. Research & Design

The student

3. Organize

The student

4 Report & Presentation

The student is able to communicate academic problems and solutions to both peers and non-specialists, and to stakeholders and users.

5 Personal Development

The student