Study Programme


There is probably no habitat on earth where human beings can live without any form of technology. There are two sides to technology in the modern world: it solves problems and at the same time is the source of problems… that in their turn need to be solved with technology. Engineers are essential, and they carry a huge responsibility.

Modern technology

The natural sciences are the foundation of modern technology. It is these sciences that enable engineers to build reliable models of their discoveries. Modern technical systems quickly become obsolete, while at the same these systems are becoming more complex and they involve the expertise of many technical disciplines. This means that modern engineers can never stop learning if they want to keep up. The foundation of the engineer’s lifelong learning is a thorough knowledge of the basics of electrical engineering.

History of development

Electrical engineering has expanded into a huge field of study, but the fundamental challenge of the electrical engineer is the manipulation of current and voltage. It is hard to conceive of a technical system that does not require this: Electrical engineers are needed everywhere! However, electrical engineering has proved its worth in other domains too. For example, in the late 1960s, the Club of Rome created models to predict the stability of the global economic-ecological system that were based on network theories. ‘System thought’ is what makes the electrical engineer unique and valuable in fields far removed from electrical engineering.

Electrical Engineering at the University of Twente

At the University of Twente, you will be trained as an academic. This does not only entail mastering the science of electrical engineering to a high level; you will also need to have a critical attitude towards yourself and your colleagues, your field of study, your work, and the significance of your work. You need to be able to recognize relevant information, identify problems and tackle these with the appropriate resources. And you must be able to communicate your knowledge and work both individually and in a team.

The study of electrical engineering will provide you with the opportunity to gain a profound understanding of areas of this field. You will have the chance to develop independent thought, learn to form your own opinion and develop personally. Make good use of these opportunities, and you too will be able to take on the responsibilities of the electrical engineer.