BSc thesis not in Q4?

Here are the options for finishing the BSc thesis outside Q4: 

BSc thesis in Q2

All students who have finished module 1-8 are allowed to do their BSc thesis assignment during Q2 (and Q4).

BSc thesis in Q1 or Q3 

If you have pressing reasons that prevent you from following module 12 during Q2 or Q4, then you have the following options:

  1. Students who have successfully finished module 1-11 may finish their BSc thesis in Q1 or Q3. Before starting, you must follow this protocol.
  2. Students who can avoid a serious study delay can submit an official request to the examination board to finish their thesis during Q1 or Q3. When your request is accepted by the examination board, you must follow this protocol.

Starting in the summer

If you are allowed to finish your thesis during Q1 according to one of the two options above, and you would like to start in the summer in order to finish in Q1, then you have to request this from your supervisor. It is important that the assignment is completed in 10 weeks (excluding holidays), avoiding disproportional extra time spent on the assignment.


For all other questions, please contact the module coordinator