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Study Programme MSc Business Administration

April 20, 2020

Source: Programme Specific Appendix to the EER 2019-2020

The study programme (in pdf) can be found here.

MSc Business Administration

Study programme 2019-2020

The final version of the study programme is published in the EER of the MSc BA programme.

Changes compared to 2018-2019

The track Strategic Marketing & Digital Business is split up in two tracks: Strategic Marketing Management (SMM) and Digital Business (DB).

One course is given in a different quartile (Smart Industry).

Some courses are no longer in the study programme (e.g. Business Development in Network Perspective, E-Strategizing).


Before starting with the MSc Business Administration programme, the student has to choose between one of seven specialization tracks, or for a Double Degree Programme. If the regular one-year programme is chosen, please check the information under A. If a Double Degree programme is chosen, please check the information under B. 

Transition rules

All transition rules are mentioned in section 5 of the programme specific appendix MSc BA to the EER.