Choose you Autumn Challenge path

You can attend Skills Labs and Thematic Lectures of your preference either based on your interest or skills that you want to develop. To receive 4 ECTS, you are expected to actively attend and complete:

  • All Kick-off Sessions;
  • 3 Milestone Moments;
  • Virtual Teams sessions;
  • 4 Thematic Lectures of your choice;
  • 1 Skills Lab of your choice & 3 mandatory Skills Labs (Challenge-based learning, Intercultural Competences, How to write reflection)
  • Final Pitching Ceremony

By this form, select four Thematic Lectures and one Skills Lab that you will follow. Submit this form by October 17, 23.59 (CEST). If you would like to increase your workload (max. 5 ECTS), then you can participate in more than the minimum number of Thematic Lectures and Skills Labs. This is possible and you can do so by registering for those as well via this form.