About the Autumn Challenge

An inspiring autumn experience Connecting and working towards creating smart, resilient and happy communities!

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What is the programme about?

The ''smart resilient and happy communities'' Autumn Challenge Experience Programme is a unique, alternative international experience organised by the University of Twente and powered by ECIU University. The Autumn Challenge is a flexible, internationial short term programme aimed at engaged learners with a vision to make a change in their communities and regions. This programme can be followed aside from your regular curriculum and will fully take place online. It offers the opportunity to learners to come together in an international, collaborative and digital environment to work on a real-life challenge and co-develop solutions, while at the same time access various lectures, workshops, masterclasses and other fun activities.

Project information

Purpose project
The Autumn Challenge
01/10/2020 - 20/12/2020
Necessary funds
Free for University of Twente Students / 150 EUR for external learners

Are you looking for a different international experience? Are you looking for a life-changing experience to participate in besides your regular studies? Are you curious about how you can make a change that matters? Then the Autumn Challenge Experience programme is the right option for you!  

Ready for the challenge?
Come together in an international, collaborative and digital environment . The Autumn Challenge will take place between 1 October - 20 December 2020.

When will it take place?

The very first edition of the Autumn Challenge Experience programme will be taking place between 1 October - 20 December 2020 and we look forward to welcoming you and empowering you to become agents of change in your own way!

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This is an experience you cannot miss out of 
With this programme we aim to engage learners and take them “outside” of their regular classroom and “inside” the real world, with real challenges and projects offered by public and private stakeholders. At the same time, we want to address the needs of students to interact with peers and other learners despite the physical mobility restrictions. For this purpose, we have created an unconventional learning environment not bound by physical location and other constraints, with flexible education formats, extracurricular virtual activities and other informal formats of education.  
In this way, we want to support students, sustain their wellbeing and allow them to become agents of change by bringing them together to discuss and dive into important topics that have an impact on our communities, locally and globally!

What should you expect from the programme?

  • A unique and alternative international experience during Autumn 2020 without having to delay any of your studies
  • A possibility to work on a real-life challenge and co-develop solutions with learners from other international universities
  • Working on a challenge under the thematic of the United Nations SDG 11 on resilient communities, powered by ECIU (European) University
  • A flexible programme offering a variety of educational micro-modules and skill-development workshops to use as tools for the challenge
  • Access to inspirational speakers, top academics, researchers and professionals from the University of Twente (UT), ECIU universities and other UT strategic partners
  • Engaging, connecting and collaborating with other learners across Europe and the world as well as public stakeholders
  • Working on your personal development aside your regular studies
  • The flexible structure and format of the programme allow learners to follow it alongside their studies as an extracurricular activity or as part of an international experience within or outside their curriculum.