UTAutumn ChallengeOpinion Inquiry Survey

Opinion Inquiry Survey

Over the course of the last weeks, we've been greatly appreciating everyone's motivation for and participation in the Autumn Challenge Programme. It's incredible to see the creative and original ideas pop up and to see that everyone is above all enjoying themselves, especially in times as such. With the programme team, we were wondering whether you as a participant would appreciate the organisation of two additional workshops during the programme, and apart from that, we would like to acquire some additional student information about your residence in order to send you the eventual diploma.

Thank you for sharing your opinion with us

Please note that the information provided by you in this form will be handled with care and shall not be stored longer than needed (meaning it will be deleted after the programme has been completed).

Also, you might be able to expect a small care package to come your way once we've gathered all addresses.

We are looking into organising two additional workshops for you in December. Please answer the following questions to what you feel would be the right answer for you.

To send you your certificate at the end of the programme, we would like to gain an overview of the residences of our students. Please provide your residential information below; it would help us out a lot!

It is crucial that you fill in the address that you are currently residing in (your current home address).