UTAutumn ChallengeThematic Weekend 2 - 24/10/2020 & 25/10/2020

Thematic Weekend 2 - 24/10/2020 & 25/10/2020

Technology & Society

This thematic weekend will be brought to you by Andreas Weber, more information about the contents will follow soon!

Project information

Purpose project
Thematic Weekend: Technology & Society
24/10/2020 & 25/10/2020, 10:00 - 13:00
Necessary funds

Workshop: Theatrical Technology Assessment 

In this workshop students will learn about stakeholder dynamics around new technologies that have the potential to contribute to smart, resilient, and happy communities. They will get the chance to participate in a role-play simulation, called ‘Theatrical Technology Assessment’, in which they will explore stakeholder perspectives and possible future scenarios. 

Technology and Society - Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI)  

Grand societal challenges are an enormous task for policymakers who are responsible for research and innovation in Europe. In this lecture Dr. Von Schomberg who is affiliated with the European Commission will give students a deeper insight what it means to tackle societal challenges from the perspective of science, technology and innovation policy.