Cultural Activity: Secret Santa 18/12/2020

Secret Santa (18-12)

Close to the end of the year, many cultures engage in different celebrations, often including different forms of gift-giving. It seems fitting, therefore, that we celebrate the closure of our own programme by having our own “Secret Santa”, or “lootjes trekken” in Dutch. Since we realise it is more difficult to send packages all over the world to your fellow students, we wanted you to help us decide how to proceed with this activity.

If you want to participate with this activity, please indicate what you would/can do and we will let you know how the activity will take place.

  • Sending a small gift (max. 5 Euros) representing something from your culture (e.g. a characteristic, non-perishable delicacy or a figurine) to someone else. Please note that sending parcels would add to the overall costs.
  • Sending a virtual gift via e-mail, e.g. a favourite poem or story someone will enjoy, or anything creative you were able to make online such as a playlist of songs from your country, a nice letter etc.