UTAutumn ChallengeCultural Activity: Language Cafe - 08/10/2020

Cultural Activity: Language Cafe - 08/10/2020

¿Qué tal? Hallo Nǐ hǎo Anyoung Yassou Ehilà Hej, Tjena Buongiorno

The Language Cafe is one of the many cultural activities that will be included in the Autumn Challenge programme. In the Language Cafe, one can learn about all the different cultures, languages and students that participate in this programme.

Project information

Purpose project
Language Cafe
08/10/2020 - Time TBD
Necessary funds

Language Café (08-10)

During the Language Café, you will finally learn how to say “hello” to people in as many other languages as possible. With such a variety of nationalities represented in the programme, now is your time to master your language skills and to be able to talk to people from different countries. Have you always wanted to improve your German, but you never had a partner to practice with? Do you want to be able to say a phrase in as many languages as possible? Are you looking for ways to dabble in Italian or to finally learn Dutch pronunciation? During the Language Café, you will get the chance to meet, interact with and learn from your new peers of the Autumn Challenge!