UTAutumn ChallengeIntercultural Competences - 04/12/2020

Autumn Challenge: Intercultural Competences


Collaboration in multicultural and multidisciplinary teams can sometimes be challenging. Hence the Autumn Challenge will include special attention to intercultural competences.

Project information

Purpose project
Intercultural Competences
04/12/2020 - Time TBD
Necessary funds


During this online session of 2,5 hours, you will become more aware of your own cultural background and the influence on your own behaviour and, often unconscious, perception and bias. Concepts as culture, diversity and inclusion will be explored. You will receive tips on what is needed to create an inclusive environment within a diverse team. In addition, you will become more aware about differences in how we communicate, the various communication styles and how to deal effectively with these differences.

At the end of the session, you will be more aware of the complexity of culture, diversity and working inclusively and will also know more about the effects of your own culture and personal characteristics on your own communication and behaviour. All of these elements are of high importance to fulfil an assignment together successfully and with joy!

Meet your instructor
Jackie van der Kroft

Jackie van der Kroft is specialized in developing intercultural and personal leadership competences. Jackie is based in the Netherlands and has a Master of Arts in Social Sciences from Leiden University. She has worked for over 10 years for different humanitarian organizations in several management positions in various countries affected by conflict and/or (natural) disasters. Jackie likes to train and coach people to develop their own intercultural competences and support (diverse) teams/groups to work (more) effectively together.