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When you start university you are expected to act responsibly and take care of your own business. However, especially when you have just started a bachelor’s programme not everything speaks for itself. It can take a while for you to feel at home, and find your way around the university and its rules and regulations. Even later on during your studies you might feel that there are issues you would like to discuss, such as choosing your master, taking extra subjects etc. This is what the study advisor is here for.


If you have a short/simple question you can send an e-mail, or walk by when the door to the office is open. If you need more time it is easier to plan an appointment. You can make an appointment through the online planner:

An appointment usually takes about half an hour. Sometimes it might turn out to be useful to meet more often, in that case a follow-up appointment is made after the meeting.

study advisor:


phone number:


office hours:


Ms. Dr. D. van Damme - Djokovic

HT705 (map)

053-489 1182

Monday to Thursday


You can turn to the study advisor with questions about: the programme, studying, or personal issues that might affect your academic performance, for example:

  • Did I choose the right programme?
  • Which subjects can/should I do this block?
  • Studying is relatively easy for me. Can I do something extra?
  • I passed my exams easily in secondary school. How is it possible that I am failing my exams at university?
  • I play sports at a high level; which regulations and facilities are available for me?
  • I am dyslectic and have problems studying.

A meeting with the study advisor is usually a good place to start. If necessary she can refer you to people or departments at the university or outside of the university.


Everything you discuss with the study advisor is confidential. Only if deemed necessary, and with your explicit permission, can the study advisor talk to other people about you. The study advisor is bound to the code of conduct of the LVSA (Dutch national association of study advisors).