AT Examination Board

Contact / how to submit a request

During your AT studies, you need to ask the examination board for approval 3 times: first for the course list (before starting the first course that you want to count for AT in the B3 elective space; so usually before year 3), then the bachelor's assignment (1 month before start), and finally graduation. The board also deals with some other requests such as exemptions. The board does not deal with questions about Osiris (joining a course, registration of grades, etc.) - you should send those to the coordinators of the course, module, and/or programme.

Submit your request by e-mail to Use a PDF form unless you have a question or special request for which no form is available. Fill and sign the form using Adobe Acrobat Reader, following this guide to make a digital signature.

Please do not use other software than Acrobat (Reader) to fill or sign the PDF. We learned this the hard way when previous students thought they chose one course (drop-down menu in course list PDF) using alternative PDF software, but it showed another choice when we opened it. Such bugs appear in specific conditions only, and we cannot keep testing all different PDF programs and versions. A second reason is that we can only keep a traceable chain of digital signatures if everyone signs with Acrobat.

We recommend that you submit the request at least 1 month before you need the final decision. The board processes standard requests in between meetings with a typical response time of 10 work days, but you may be asked to make changes and re-submit, taking another 10 work days. The board discusses complex requests at its meetings, listed below. Also note the rules and regulations of the examination board.

Members of the examination board


Dr. Arie van Houselt

Secretary + member Cornelise Vreman-de Olde (


Ir. Frank van den Berg Fokko Jan Dijksterhuis

Dr. Herman Hemmes Arvid Keemink

Dr. ir. K. Wenderich Michel de Jong

Advisors Herbert Wormeester
(Programme director)

Florien Lukkien, MA
(Study Advisor)

Michiel Scholten, MA
(Study Advisor)

Karan Raju, BSc
(Study Advisor)

Drs. Bram Schouwstra BA
(Programme Coordinator)

Minutes secretary


Dates of board meetings

The deadline to submit requests is given in parentheses. Example: if you need a decision before the start of the 2nd quartile (Q2), the submission deadline is 17 October. We recommend that you ask feedback earlier (because changes may be needed, see above)