During your master program the following procedures have to be followed:

Approval of your course list

Together with the professor of the department at which you want to graduate, you will decide the chair specific courses, which have to be followed together with the track specific courses. You will also talk about possible subjects for the master assignment and when you expect to start and finish your master assignment

A list of the courses you want to follow needs to be approved by the secretary of the board of examiners. This approval is arranged through a form delivered by BOZ-APH. You need to fill in this form and deliver it at BOZ-APH in person (Horstring Z 202) or as a scan per e-mail. Please make sure the form is signed by the professor and yourself.

Application for master exam

When you have finished all your courses and are about to finish your master assignment, you need to apply for the master exam. The diploma and colloquium are arranged by BOZ-APH. For BOZ to be able to make arrangements, you need to fill in and deliver or e-mail this form to BOZ-APH 20 business days before your graduation date. BOZ needs the time to check if all courses are finished, to make a room reservation, to approve the graduation committee, to check for a Cum Laude (honors) possibility, to request the diploma and to check your enrolment and payment of tuition fees. Please make sure the form is signed the professor and yourself. The signature of the board of examiners will be arranged by BOZ.

If you don’t apply for your master exam in time, it is not guaranteed your diploma will be ready in time and you might not be able to receive you diploma at the graduation ceremony (colloquium).

Submitting your master thesis

After your finished your master thesis, you need to submit your master thesis in PDF-format to BOZ-APH. Please mention whether the content of your master thesis is confidential or public.

For further questions, please contact BOZ-APH or the study advisor.