Mobility Online is a system the UT uses to register graduation assignments. Before you start with your assignment, you need to follow a procedure in Mobility Online. General manuals about Mobility Online can be found here.

Before the start of the MASTER assignment

Register in OSIRIS for the Master Assignment to gain access to the Canvas site.

Before the start of your Master Assignment, you need to start the graduation registration in Mobility Online by choosing the standard registration. If you are going to do your Master Assignment outside the UT, you also need to follow the extended registration.

  • Sign-in with your UT student number and UT password.
  • Fill in the Application Form.
    - Make sure the Faculty, Study level and Study fields are correct.
    - Start date thesis and Graduation date is when you start and finish your Master Assignment 
    - Committee information (committee requirements can be found in article 12 of the Rules of the Board of Examiners MSc AP)
    - The course codes of the Master Assignment (General Aspects/Physical Aspects) is 193599089/193599039 for the 50 EC course and 201800345/201800344 for the 40 EC course.
    - Fill in Title and Description (this can be changed later on) 
    - Fill in Courses still to be completed (which courses and when) 
    - When working parttime on your Master Assignment or when the Master Assignment is not the last course of your Master AP mention this in Additional remarks
  • After registration, you receive a confirmation of registration e-mail including login details and a link to sign in. This link should be used to see the progress and if any actions are required.
  • Log in. The next step is to download the Application Form and collect the signatures
  • Scan the Application Form and upload the file in Mobility Online under Upload Application Form to register for the Master Assignment.
  • When the application is marked as approved by the coordinator you are allowed to start with your Master Assignment. You will receive an automatic e-mail when your application is approved.  
  • (The Application Form can be changed by using the Edit option) 

At the end of the Master assignment

When you are in the process of finalizing your assignment and planning your colloquium, sign-in to Mobility Online and check if anything has changed in the title or committee that you filled in before the start of the assignment.

Mark the thesis as finished.The project will be marked as approved as both the Master Assignment committee and the forms (Course list and Application form for MSc-exam) are approved by the Board of Examiners.

The assignment will be marked as finished after the thesis and the plagiarism check has been submitted to BOZ and the grade has been registered in OSIRIS.