Participation in Applied Physics courses

Students of other programmes at the University of Twente can participate in courses offered by the BSc and MSc Applied Physics. The bachelor of Applied Physics is a Dutch spoken programme. However due to cooperation with other (English spoken) programmes, courses also used as premaster courses and non-Dutch lecturers, some courses are taught in English. The master of Applied Physics is a English spoken programme. Which courses a student can participate in is depending on the preknowledge, the language used and permission of the student's programme in connection to overlap with their own programme courses.


All the courses of the bachelor TN can be found in the Study programme TN. For the master courses you have to look at the Study programme of AP. In the Course Information OSIRIS you can find the course descriptions.

Participating in module(part) BSC TN

To participate in a course/module(part) of the bachelor TN, a student need to enrol in advance. To enrol a student have to fill in the form Request participating module(part) TN. Sent the form at the latest two weeks before the start of the quartile. Once you've enrolled for the course you are also enroled for Canvas Course of the whole module (the specific course information can be found in the 'folder-module' of that course) and for the first opportunity of corresponding exams! 

Participating in MSc AP courses

Students of the University of Twente are permitted to participate in courses of the master Applied Physics. In order to participate you need to enrol for the courses you want to follow. You can enrol to a day before the start of the quartile via Osiris for the course(s). Once you have enroled for a course you are automatically enroled for Canvas and for the first opportunity of corresponding written exams! Be aware that you need to enrol for re-exams.

Interested in more than a course ?

The programme offers a lot of other possibilities for students interested in Applied Physics:
- Minor Capita Selecta Applied Physics for BSc students
- premaster Applied Physics programme, see also admission requirements for UT programmes.
- Double programme options BSc and MSc
- Interdisciplinary specializations

Contact information

For information about the content or necessary preknowledge of courses you can contact the study adviser of Applied Physics