Programme Committee

The Programme Committee (Opleidingscommissie in Dutch, abbreviation OLC) consist of students and staff members. This committee advises the programme director concerning the regulations for examination, the study programme, quality of the programme and the execution of it.

Legaly this committee has the right to advise (at request or unsolicited) the Programme Director and the Dean. These advises are binding for the concerning persons unless they have well-grounded reasons to handle otherwise. This is the official way in wich students can influence the study programme. The meetings of the Programme Committee can be found in the Academic calender of Applied Physics. The members of the OLC TN-AP are currently:

  • Chair
    dr. A. Marin (Alvaro)
    Adjunct Professor
  • Staff members
    dr. M.M.J. Dhalle (Marc)
    Associate Professor
    prof.dr. C. Filippi (Claudia)
    Full Professor D.A.I. Marpaung (David)
    Full Professor
    I.C.W.T.A. van Veldhoven (Imre)
  • Student members
    Leon Goedegebuur
  • Advisors S.J.A. de Beer (Sissi)
    Programme Director
    dr. D. van Damme - Djokovic (Dejana)
    Study advisor for Applied Physics C.I. van Emmerik (Carlijn)
    Lecturer & Study advisor - Applied Physics
    E.A. Lodder (Edwin)
    Programme coordinator BSc & MSc Applied Physics J.S. Kanger (Hans)
    Secretary of the Board of Examiners
    P.A.M. Bonthuis - van Seters (Renilde)
    TNW-ESO - Basic BHV + EHBO + PLM
    A.B. Weise (Anita)
    Programme support officer Applied Physics
    Marthe de Vries
    Commissioner of Educational Affairs Arago

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Annual report (in Dutch):
Jaarverslag OLC-TN/AP collegejaar 2017-2018
Jaarverslag OLC-TN/AP collegejaar 2020-2021
Jaarverslag OLC-TN/AP collegejaar 2021-2022
Annual Report PC-TN/AP academic year 2022-2023