Planning your Master

Basic outline master Applied Physics

The master Applied Physics is a two-year (120 EC) programme. In the first year you will take four compulsary basic science courses (together 20 EC) related to physics theory, mathematical techniques, applied physics and experimental physics. These compulsory courses cover the entire scope of the programme. Another third part of the first year concerns specialization for one of the research groups within the Applied Physics department. The final 20 EC is elective. The second year is the practical year. You can now choose to focus on fundamental science, e.g. by doing research in a research group and an internship at a research institute. On the other hand, you can also opt for a more engineering driven approach to research, combined with an industry internship. 

Choose your specialization 

Research is spread out over five clusters:

The courses in the master AP can be clustered in Materials courses, Fluid/Soft Matter courses and Optics courses.

For the specialization and elective courses a student can have a more in depth ''content' preference or can have a more broad interest. 
In the master’s programme in Applied Physics a student can also specialize in 'hardcore' physics, experimental work, engineering or combine physics with mathematical of programming topics.

Select a research group and plan courses

Within the master's programme a student have to make a lot of choices. Before the start of the master the study adviser will invite a student for an intake to determine what courses a student want to take and make a study plan. Depending on how well the student allready know what courses he or she wants to take the student can have follow-up meetings to determine and plan these courses.
In the first year of the master there are information sessions to prepare and inform all the students about the specifics of the second year. 

Enrollment for courses and exams

Enrollment for the master's courses is done via OSIRIS. Enrolling for exams is also done via OSIRIS and only has to be done for re-exams. You are automatically enrolled for the regular exam. New students at the University of Twente have an introduction to all our Educational systems and ICT facilities during the Master Kick-In. 


The second year consists of an Internship and a Master's assignment. Every year there is an internship information session organized. More information can be found on the Internship Applied Physics site.

Master assignment and graduate procedures

Before the start of the master's assignment a student have to fill in their (final) Course list form and inform the programme the expected date of graduation by filling in the Application form for MSc Exam. More information can be found on the Master's assignment and graduate procedures page.

Also on this page information of the master's assignment can be found. The individual master's assignment comprises the completion of the master program Applied Physics. The assignment is performed in one of the research groups or in an external institute or organization. In general the master's assignment is the last activity before graduation,