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Master's assignment and graduate procedures

Master's assignment

The last part of the master Applied Physics is usually the master's assignment. To get acces to the Canvas site AP Master's assignment you have to register in OSIRIS. On the Canvas site you can find, besides a lot of other information, all the information about the organisational issues before, during and after finishing your assignment.

Normally you will graduate and get your diploma (certificate) after the presentation of your master's assignment. Therefore a few things have to be arranged first. The final Course list and Application for MSc exam and arrangements are forms that must be handed in for the administrative processing of graduation. 

The university uses Mobility Online for managing all procedures concerning the master's assignment and your diploma. It is a system to register graduation assignments. Before you start with your assignment, you need to follow a procedure in Mobility Online. General manuals about Mobility Online can be found here. Students who did a minor abroad or finished their internship are already familiar with this system.

Preparation Master's Assignment information session

The Preperation Master's Assignment Information Session was on Thursday 7 December '23.
This information session is for students who will start their Master’s Assignment soon. During this session you get among other things, various information about the organization of your assignment.

Sheets and Video earlier information meetings Preparation Master's Assignment 

Sheets of Presentation Preparation Master's Assignment 7 December 2023

Sheets of Presentation Preparation Master's Assignment 8 June 2023
Sheets of Presentation Preparation Master's Assignment 13 December 2022

Video Presentation Preperation Master's Assignment 23-Nov-21
Sheets Presentation Preperation Master's Assignment 23-Nov-21

Before the start of the master's assignment

Register in OSIRIS for the AP Master's assignment to gain access to the Canvas site.

Before the start of your master's assignment, you need to start the graduation registration in Mobility Online by choosing the standard registration. If your master's assignment takes place outside the UT, you need to follow the extended registration.

!!The AP programme will remind you, from the 4th month of the start of your master assignment, to complete the registration process. It is important to register from the start of your assignment in order to complete the entire process on time!!

At the end of the master's assignment

During the process of finalizing your assignment and planning your colloquium, sign-in to Mobility Online and check if anything has changed in the title or committee you filled in before the start of the assignment.

Plan your colloquium in consultation with the committee members and the secretariat of the research chair. 

To graduate there are some adminstrative issues to complete by filling in the following Forms:

Mark the thesis as finished in Mobility Online. The project will be marked as approved as both the Master's assignment Committee and the forms (Course list and Application form for MSc-exam) are approved by the Board of Examiners.

The assignment will be marked as finished after the thesis and the plagiarism check has been submitted to BOZ and the grade has been registered in OSIRIS.