See Graduation

Rules for graduation

  • When the supervisor and the chairholder consider the student to be ready to graduate, they send an e-mail to the office for educational affairs (BOZ) with the graduation consent (“groen licht”)
  • This consent is valid for three months
  • After the consent the student applies to the BOZ for a meeting with the Board of Examiners, by filling out the necessary forms.
  • The student also arranges for a time and date for the presentation, not later than one month in advance.
  • The date of presentation has to be after the meeting with the Board of Examiners. The board usually meets in the last week of the month.
  • The application (along with the necessary forms) should be turned in before the second week of a month to be discussed by the board of examiners in that month. For instance,
  • Application submitted between the 2nd week of month X until the 1st week of month X+1 means the meeting with the board of examiners will be at the end of month X+1 and the presentation somewhere in month X+2.
  • The student should plan the presentation in accordance with normal college hours. The total time of the presentation is 85 minutes.
    − The presentation and questions from the audience take about 45 minutes.
    − After the presentation the supervisors retreat for a private discussion with the student and a deliberation about the grade. This takes about 30 minutes.
    − The graduation ceremony takes about 10 minutes.
  • During the graduation ceremony, the grade is announced and the student receives his/her diploma.
  • In case the student did not finish all the courses before delivering the presentation and/or has not had a meeting with the Board of Examiners, the student will not receive the diploma immediately after the presentation. The student can collect the diploma after all the courses are completed and the records have been discussed by the board.