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Programme committee (OLC)

The programme committee consists of students as well as teachers and is also known as OLC (Opleidingscommissie in Dutch). The programme committee is an advisory board for the programme director and has to be heard regarding all educational matters. This includes course programmes, study load, timetables, resolution of complaints and course evaluations.


Student Members

Hil Meijer (until 1 January 2021)  

Sem Geerts (until 1 September 2020)  

Scientific Staff

Lavinia Lanting (until 1 September 2020)  

Gjerrit Meinsma (until 1 September 2021)  

Linda ten Klooster (until 1 September 2020)

Bodo Manthey (until 1 September 2020)

Lotte Weedage (until 1 September 2020)  

Aleida Braaksma (until 1 September 2021)  



  Mirande van der Kooij  

Along with the committee members, the following persons are also present at the meetings:

  • Jan Willem Polderman, programme director
  • Judith Timmer, bachelor coordinator  
  • Jan Schut, master coordinator

The meeting schedule for the academic year 2019-2020 is as follows:

  • 1st October 2019
  • 19th November 2019

Meetings for 2020 are yet to be planned.

You can find the agendas, minutes and advices on