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Year 2: Internship

Intership (20EC)

Finding an internship

  • Start in time. Especially an internship abroad takes a lot of preparations (VISA, subsidies, fees, work license, etc.)
  • The initiative for the internship lies with the student, but
    • Your chair can often help with contact information for companies, research partners, assignments, etc.
    • The EEMCS internship office can give you an overview of where previous students went and what kind of assignments they did


For the specific rules, read the corresponding sections in the Teaching and Examination regulations.  

  • Study load of the internship is 20 EC with a nominal duration of 14 weeks
  • Completed at least 45EC in courses before the start. 
  • Outside the University of Twente
  • No necessary / vital courses uncompleted, for the Chairholder and supervisor to decide.
  • Register your internship before the start in Mobility Online
  • Hand in the report at the internship office and with your UT supervisor within two weeks after finishing your internship


  • Visit the EEMCS internship website and read the internship guide
  • Make an appointment with the internship office for more practical information and administrative procedures, and start your registration in Mobility Online
  • Contact your chairholder to discuss assignments and a supervisor
  • Complete your registration in Mobility Online


  • Company supervisor: will supervise your daily progress and provide you with guidance during your work at the company/institute
  • Your chair supervisor: a member of the permanent staff of your chair. Provides guidance on the overall course of the internship and grading of the report.

Combining the internship and the final project

You have the option to combine your internship and final project. If you want to do this, you will need to take the following into account:

  • The combined Internship / Final project always takes place at a research company or university outside the UT.
  • You need to write and hand in two separate reports. One for your internship, and one for your Final Project. They will be graded separately.
  • You will need to register both the internship and final project separately (in Mobility Online and on the Final project form).
  • The maximum duration of the Final project combined with the internship is 48 weeks.