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Year 2: Final Project


During the final project you have the chance to apply the knowledge obtained during your studies to come up with a solution to a specific mathematical problem. A full description of all the steps during the final project is available under Roadmap


  • Research chairs generally publish available assignments or completed assignments on their websites to help you (see organization - chairs).
  • The initiative for the final project lies with the student, but the chairholder of your chair can often help. 
  • Requirements to the assignment:
    • The project must address topics in the area of your track.
    • The final project must have a scientific character.
    • The final project should be feasible in the prescribed time.


  • You need an approved study programme before the start of the final project
  • The final project is always the last step in your Master's programme and by the time you start, you should have adequate mathematical knowledge. Only in exceptional cases (e.g. in case of unreasonable delays), can the Examination Board allow you to take courses (with a maximum of 10 EC) during your final project. Note that uncompleted courses don't automatically warrant additional time to finish your final project.
  • The maximum duration of the Final Project is 32 weeks (actual duration is 28 weeks, plus 4 weeks accounting for illness, holiday, unforeseen circumstances, etc.)
  • At the beginning of the project you need the following information (in order to complete your registration in Mobility Online:
    • The responsible chair
    • Approval of the assignment by the chairholder
    • A daily supervisor. If the daily supervisor is not from the responsible chair, a second supervisor from the chair needs to be appointed.
    • The start date and end date
    • A short description, including a working title
    • In case of confidentiality, approval from the programme director


  • Find an assignment and a daily supervisor in consultation with the chair(holder)
  • Register in Mobility Online: Fill out the Extended Registration (during registration pick internal of you stay within the UT and external if you go outside the UT e.g. abroad or to another company / organisation)
  • Log back into Mobility Online and finish the procedure. Print out the form and upload a copy signed by your supervisor, to be checked and approved by BOZ (Educational Affairs Office) in Mobility Online.
  • If confidentiality applies, your supervisor has to put in a request with the programme director before the approval of the project
  • Carry out the final project and write your report
  • During the second half of the Final Project contact the EEMCS Information Specialist to sign of on your literature research
  • Near the finish line, discuss the date of completion with your supervisor
  • Prepare for Graduation (by following rules and the checklist)


  • Contains at least two persons:
    • The professor of your chair
    • A permanent staff member of the chair you are doing your final project with
    • Possible other experts on the topic of your final project
  • One of the members of the committee will be made responsible for your daily supervision. If the daily supervisor is not a member of the permanent staff of Applied Mathematics, a second supervisor from within the AM department is appointed.


  • Needs to be composed at least two weeks before the actual graduation date
  • At least three persons containing:
    • all members of the graduation committee
    • possible other members from the AM staff, other departments within the UT or outside the UT