Year 1: courses

In short: During the first year

Changing courses

If you want to switch out or change something in your course programme you can fill out a Form alternation study programme after discussing the changes with the professor of your chair. 

Changing chairs

Sometimes during the first half of the course programme students find they would be a better fit with another chair. If you feel that way and want to switch during the first year, please contact the professor of the chair you want to switch to and discuss your current course programme and the fit with the desired chair. If necessary fill out an alteration form to change some of the courses, otherwise only inform the chair you are leaving and the new chair of your switch. 


When you register for a course in Osiris, you will automatically be registered for the upcoming examination of that course (but always check your examination registrations in Osiris, just to be sure). If you want join for the re-sit (even if you did not attend the first attempt), you need to manually register for that second examination opportunity. Registrations will be open up until 2 weeks before the exam date.

Differing from the rules and regulations / exemptions

All the rules and regulations regarding the programme are described in the Teaching and Examination Regulations (TER, also known by the Dutch abbreviation OER). If you want to differ from the rules and regulations as described in the Teaching and Examination Regulations or you want to ask for an exemption or other special circumstances apply, you can put in a request with the Examination Board. Note that the Board only meets once every few weeks, so if you want to put in a request, do this as soon as possible.