UTAlumni NetworkNewsYAN events: sustainability and 'your appearance counts'

YAN events: sustainability and 'your appearance counts'

Although the Young Alumni Network has offered some very cool online events during the Covid period - think of a desk yoga workshop or a webinar about cyber security at the defense forces - it was also very pleasant to be able to organize physical events again. Two workshops were scheduled in April and June: 'Sense of Urgency' at Greenfish in Amsterdam and 'Choose Impact' with alumna Marijke Glaubitz at Arnold & Siedsma in The Hague.


What exactly does sustainability mean? Why is it important? And which goals should you pursue in order to contribute to sustainable development? These questions were addressed during the 'Sense of Urgency' workshop, for which YAN was a guest at Greenfish, an engineering and advisory company in the field of sustainable business transformations.

Very accessible information, told in a clear and positive matter. The exercises were original and made you think, but in a relaxed way.

Participant 'Sense of Urgency' workshop

After a joint dinner at Greenfish's headquarters in Amsterdam, the two-hour workshop started. The aim of the evening was to help the young alumni prepare for setting, communicating, and achieving the right goals to contribute to sustainable development. The alumni were given tips on how to determine their own position within the sustainability issue and what they can focus on to make the most impact. The evening was concluded, as befits a real YAN activity, with a nice networking drink.

Left: Sense of Urgency workshop. Right: Choose Impact workshop


Does your appearance count?
This question was discussed during the workshop 'Choose Impact'. Alumna Marijke Glaubitz (COM '02) answers the question in the affirmative. However, according to her, that does not have to stand in your way. You can also make use of your appearance. During the workshop Marijke therefore discussed the influence of our appearance on our daily communication and which 'buttons' you can press. For example, what color do you wear if you want to win? Or how can you use your appearance to boost your career?

Open discussions and interesting eye-openers. Good mix of content and social interaction.

Participants 'Choose Impact' workshop

As a behavioral scientist, Marijke Glaubitz knows a lot about how our observations influence our brain and behaviour. She started the workshop, which took place at Arnold & Siedsma in The Hague, with a concrete example. Marijke asked the alumni how they would rate her. 'Structured', 'ordered' and 'friendly' were terms that were often mentioned. Why did the alumni think this? The neat skirt, shoes with heels and the hair that was nicely put up gave the impression that Marijke is a tidy and friendly person. In this way it immediately became apparent how the way you dress and care for yourself has an impact on what you radiate.

This activity was also concluded with a networking drink, during which the young alumni continued the discussion about how your appearance counts, but also recalled memories of their study time in Twente.


Young alumni face different challenges than someone who's career is already further along or even ended. For all young UT alumni under the age of 35 we have created the Young Alumni Network. This network, founded in 2017, organises readings, workshops, networking drinks and other activities for and by young alumni. The focus of these activities are networking, your career, personal development and enjoying yourself.

Do you have any ideas for fun and interesting activities? Or would you like to invite fellow young alumni at your company for a company visit? Please contact us via alumni@utwente.nl!

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